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Our company has sucessfully passed the next re-certification process according to dle ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009
Our company is in the process of adopting a CSR document


MAG welding:

MAG (abbr. for metal active gas) welding is type of arc welding in protective CO2 atmosphere. Electric arc burns between metallic electrode (welding wire of 0,8 – 2,4 mm in diameter) and welded material in CO2 atmosphere, which partially oxidizes to create small amount of slag. Welding is carried out using direct current in semiautomatic of fully automatic mode.





Portály měst - informační portály více než 250 vybraných měst České republiky


About the company

For two decades, has company M E G A S – P spol. s.r.o. been offering a complete production service, from preparing offers and quotes, right through to the realization of projects for customers with their own project documentation. We are able to professionally take care of a wide spectrum of products, according to the most varied of customer requirements, and for various uses, from energy and power, steel production, or the construction industry.

The management of M E G A S – P spol. s r. o. recognises and supports the need for the constant raising of customer requirements for ensuring deliveries at a quality, quantity, competitive price, and within the agreed time. Constant improvement of the management process, improving reliability and efficiency of the production capacity, as well as positive motivation of all employees to actively take advantage of the growing potential on the marketplace in order to create a strong, mutually beneficial partnership with both current and future customers.

At present, the company has at its disposal production facilities of an area of 10,500m2, as well as outside handling areas – stores of 5,000m2. ČD (Czech railways) siding

Production of welded constructions

For the production of these static and dynamic heavy-stress constructions, the company holds certification according to DIN 18800-7 Class E. We are also holders of Certification of Quality Management Systems for welding according to EN ISO 3834-2 for following branches / processes of activities: dynamically stressed steel structures – precise weldments, piping and pressure vessels.

Among other possibilities, the company can also produce large, welded steel constructions, from the production of bridges, port and gantry cranes, production and sports halls, up to welded constructions such as turbine frames or key components for building or shaping machines. We produce items for small domestic companies, as well as for large compnies around the world.


Another logical step in our long-term co-operation with our business partners is the step to preassembly subgroups and partial assembly of the whole item for the finalizing partner. The company has modern production technology at its disposal, which guarantees exceptional production quality. The products are supplied according to the customer´s requirements with high quality surface preparation. All processes are managed and controlled according to EN ISO 9001-2000.


Material quality is totally according to te customer´s requirements, from plain construction steel S275 and S355, up to steel with a higher yield strength S690.

Burn-cut shapes from sheet metal of a thickness from 6mm to 450mm

The main task of the group Burn-cut shapes, in addition to ensuring the internal needs of the company, is to offer these components from standard construction steel. We also offer burn-cut shapes from special materials, such as high-strength hardened steel, abrasion resistant materials, fine grain steel, QstE, plus others. Thanks to production quantities amassing approximately a thousand tonnes per month, we are able to ensure the maximum use of materials in our whole range.

Precise burn-cut shapes from sheet metal is an integral part of the required quality of welded joints, and influences the overall costs involved in producing welded constructions. Our burn-cut shapes are produced on the highest quality CNC-controlled burning machines. Input material for the production of burn-cut shapes is primarily sheet metal, which is known on domestic and world markets for its high quality. Using our sheet metal burn-cut shapes will broaden your production and supply options and possibilities. We will relieve you of ecological problems and problems with metal waste products. An overall effect of this is that we can help you realize logistics and production. Burn-cutting individual shapes is an operation that immediately precedes welding.